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Corporate Training Solutions

Ashok Gupta specialises in delivering high impact interactive video training courses. The courses are highly engaging, rich in multi-media content, and deliver real practical results. These courses can be delivered in 3 ways:

- DVD - Interactive DVD Training Courses for Corporate Training Libraries (or Personal Use Licences)

- Intranets - Interactive Video Training hosted on your intranet

- Onsite – Training Delivered Face to Face by one of our experienced trainers

These courses are unique in that they delve deep into the psychology of these soft skills, rather than making participants make surface changes in their lives.

Interactive video training reduces costs for companies by allowing the training to fit around a participants workload, saving time away from work.

Brief Description of Contents of This Website:

Turning Ideas Into Action (The 'TIA' System) - This Advanced Time Management and Personal Effectiveness Training Course is now available to purchase. You can preview the course by signing up in the registration box above, and you will be sent a week long course on the Principles Of Time Management.

Metrotherapy® - This is a set of powerful mind tools and techniques you can use whilst travelling by train, bus, plane or tube/subway. It can be purchased as an audio CD or MP3 download.

'SMART' Stress System - Stress Management using Amygdala Retraining Techniques. This course is currently in production, but you can sign up on that page to be informed when it is ready to preview.

Confidence Building Course - This course is currently in production, but you can sign up on that page to be informed when it is ready to preview.

ME/CFS & Fibromyalgia Recovery Programme - Ashok Gupta specialises in the treatment of "ME" and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and has published an interactive DVD programme to help patients recover. You can preview the course videos on by signing up on that page.

Onsite Coaching and Training - We provide leading edge on-site Corporate Training in various soft-skills, and have experienced business coaches around the world who can offer phone or face-to-face coaching.

5% of all profits from are donated to developmental charity projects in Asia and Africa.